Martin believes in using emotion to connect with our inner souls. He loves to explore the possibilities of connecting hidden emotions with the rhythms and energy of our bodies.  The results of this type of exploration can be unexpected and exciting. He uses a variety of music of different genres and tempos, and sometimes no music at all, to give his students a full range of possibilities.   He is excited to enlighten his students with an awareness of being, working with increasing energy, to create dance forms of never ending movements in a never ending space.  He believes in a challenging dance process as an essential way for his students to explore their potential and build a high level of contemporary dance interpretation.

#contemporarydancetechniques #space #time #muscles #emotions



My classes focus on the primary elements of contemporary dance which are space, time, muscles and emotions and we explore each of these individually and then build upon them together.  During this exploration and through dance technique, the students connect to their imagination and develop a passion for discovering new body language and movement.  This challenges the student to forget their own inhibitions and reach higher levels.

#space explore 

there are no limits in space, use all the space around you, get inspired by others, walk, run if you need, explore every corner, use different directions, there are no space limits while you dance


#time focus

you have plenty of time for every movement, play with the details of your movement, take your time exploring fast and slow, enjoy the quality and find your unique movement. 


#muscles play

play with your muscles, find new muscles that you never felt before, play with energy and discover new textures.


#emotions and imagination

use the power of your imagination and direct it to your muscles into your flesh to help you to find the different textures of your movement, enjoy, dance, play with your body, connect with your emotions in the best way you can in the moment.